"Act worthy of yourselves."         
- Dr. Joseph Warren, Founding Father         

About Right Pride

Mission Statement

Right Pride represents gay Republicans, Independents, and their allies, who believe in limiting government, protecting free markets, encouraging prosperity, promoting individual responsibility and defending liberty for all.

Community Outreach

Right Pride is committed to working within the Gay Community and the Republican Party to create a dialogue that no longer exists, join forces on common-ground issues, and address the misconception that Republicans and Conservatives are anti-gay. We plan to address any intolerance that exists in either group, and address a broad range of issues by bringing a gay perspective to traditional conservative values.

Our Issues

Right Pride is affiliated with GOProud, a gay organization promoting a traditional conservative agenda by influencing politics and policy at the federal level. We share their federal legislative agenda. To learn more, visit one of the following links:

Right Pride on America (National Issues)

Right Pride on Nevada (Local Issues)

The Right Leaders

Right Pride advocates for responsibility, courage and strength of character in government. We support candidates who share our priorities.