This Week in Liberal FAIL.

On April 25, 2010, in Gay Left, Obama, by Mark Ciavola

Last week the gay blogs were abuzz with chatter about Obama’s hospital visitation memo. Simply put, he ordered hospitals receiving federal funds through Medicaid and Medicare to honor patient’s wishes when considering who can visit them while they are admitted. Many outlets made it seem like this was a victory for gay rights.

I can tell you this isn’t the perfectly-wrapped gift-box some people are making it out to be. Patients should have the ultimate say over who is allowed to visit them, whether they are immediate family or not. However, I don’t know too many people who are spending a night in the hospital for observation, that can’t communicate their wishes effectively to hospital staffers. The problems arise when patients arrive unconscious or incapacitated, or rushed into emergency surgery. Then what?

Because these patients aren’t able to communicate, there are no protections for same-sex couples. Furthermore, his memo does nothing to affect policies at private hospitals, or hospitals that do not accept federal dollars. So once again, President Obama has wasted the time of the American people. We’re getting used to that, but this time it could have devastating consequences.

Everyone I talk to, that believes marriage should remain between a man and a woman, still feels that same-sex couples deserve legal protections. They believe gay partners should have the right to visit each other in the hospital. So clearly, many conservatives have no problem with this issue. By making this decree, Obama has given the impression that same-sex couples no longer have to face difficulty where hospital visitation is concerned. That could not be further from the truth, but we all know what the headlines are – and Americans read headlines. Even dumbass Perez Hilton’s headlines. So now when gays make it clear that they still have no hospital visitation rights in situations where it matters most (where the sick partner is unable to communicate their wishes), Americans won’t believe them.

Regretfully, the way Obama chose to handle this issue goes against everything I believe. Not only does it not accomplish anything for the gay community, it is yet another overreach on the part of government. Because hospitals take federal dollars through Medicaid/Medicare, the government gets to tell them what their policies should be. This is especially scary given the recent passage of Obama’s Health Care Reform bill. Will we get to the point where the president can tell hospitals how to act when it comes to your health? It’s a slippery slope I have no desire go down, but it’s hard to ignore how involved this administration is in our lives.

Aside from the incorrect message Obama sent, and his latest executive power-grab, this may be the biggest blow to the struggle for same-sex relationship protections yet. For years non-activist gays have outlined the unintentional side-effects of banning all legal recognition of gay partnerships. The most important benefits legal protections afford same-sex couples have to do with visitation rights, next of kinship, power of attorney and wills/trusts. These are some of the most personal issues any couple in America will face. With Obama making it seem that visitation is taken care of, he single-handedly weakens the argument for statewide protections. Many opponents of Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions (excluding marriage for a moment), are quick to point out that gay couples can protect themselves through legal channels and therefore do not need a formal process for registering their relationship with the state. Anyone with an internet connection and the web address for Google can figure out that this is far more costly for gay couples, and requires far more work. In addition, all the legal protections in the world still leave even the longest-companioned same-sex couples as “unrelated” in the eyes of government.

Liberal gays all over America jumped for joy, only to find out Obama is still coming up short on his promises to the gay community. The folks over at DC Agenda think it’s okay though, as “I doubt that Republican Sen. John McCain would have taken this step – or any at all to help us – had he won the presidency.” Well, just a few days later the White House announced that it will not support a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in 2010. This administration is so transparent in its idle approach to gay issues that even the super-duper-queer-activist-gay-uber-lefties have caught on.

Speaking of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, why is the collective Gay Left only tacitly punishing Obama for his inaction? I mean, when Republicans suggested the military take a year to figure out how to implement a repeal, they were called bigots. Let’s not forget’s article titled “John McCain: Cranky Old Jerk Who Hates Gay People.” Where are these geniuses now? Sure, there have been a few protests, but really – the left holds at least three protests before breakfast daily. Where’s the real outrage? Where are the op-eds by Gay Inc. vowing not to fundraise for Obama in 2012? I guess they’re just happy their party controls everything, even if they’re not doing anything for them.

Some gays have figured out that the Democratic Party is filled with liars, who never intend to come through on their promises. Sadly, the vast majority of our “community” is still holding out hope. They hammer Republicans and gently nudge Democrats, in similar fashion to when the Black Community gave Harry Reid a pass for calling our president “light-skinned” with no “negro dialect.” But bring grandma to a tea party rally, and you’re a RACIST!

Ultimately, mainstream society will see liberals and the Gay Left for the shysters that they are. They lie and pander, all the while using emotion and the childrenOH THE CHILDREN! – to get what they want, VOTES. Once they have your vote, they could care less if they deliver. That’s why the great Democratic takeover of Congress that began in 2006 is going to come to a screeching halt this November. Americans have seen first-hand that Democrats talk a good game, but fail when it comes to actually governing. That’s because emotion can only take you so far. Eventually, reality sets in.

Costly government programs, unconstitutional power-grabs and an economic free-fall are bad for all Americans, including gays. A weak policy toward a two-front war is bad for all Americans, including gays. Alienating our allies, while agreeing to meet our enemies without pre-conditions, is bad for all Americans, including gays. Undue influence on government by special interests, unions and other ne’er-do-wells is bad for all Americans, including gays. Do you see the pattern here? Gays are Americans first. Many of them won’t admit that, and they’d probably vomit trying, but it’s a fact. Unfortunately, too many gays and lesbians are focused on the very few issues that solely affect them. It’s selfish. They fight to be accepted into mainstream society, but refuse to actually become mainstream. They demand tolerance, but refuse to give it. Even when gay conservatives try to make strides within the Republican Party, they are knocked down for their efforts, or called a “ridiculous Republican club for homos.”

Knowing the vice-grip the Democratic Party has on the gay community, it is important we start highlighting the hypocrisy whenever we can. We must call attention to the broken promises. We must point out the half-assed presidential memos. We must demonstrate how intolerant spiteful the Gay Left is. Only then will gay conservatives everywhere begin to take back our community, and ultimately our country.

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  1. MelMaguire says:

    We do need to highlight the hypocrisy…they’ll lie about us until they’re blue in the face and there is no other way to combat them.